Immigration & Border Security

Common Sense First

First and foremost, we must enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books. I’m proud to have the support of the Border Patrol Council and Arizona Police Association representing ~13,000 peace officers throughout the state, including Phoenix’ own: the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA). They represent the thousands of dedicated and hard-working men and women who are on the front lines of this problem. These are folks with families and children of their own who are risking their safety to keep us safe each day. No one likes to see innocent children separated and detained from their parents which is why in Congress I’ll ACT to overhaul the problematic Flores Settlement with a just but humane policy that respects the Rule of Law as well as family values.

Border Security – A country cannot be sovereign without a secure border. It’s vital not only to sovereignty, but also to physical and economic security. I favor a common sense approach that emulates the strategy we used in the military when we needed to keep our borders or perimeters secure. We used a practical combination of physical barriers such as a fence or a wall, electronic surveillance, and manpower. If it’s good enough to keep our troops secure, then it’s good enough to keep our southern border secure.

DACA – I believe it’s our obligation to settle this issue once and for all and to do it in such a way that we’re not kicking the can down the road and revisiting it again in 10-20 years. DACA recipients who have been law-abiding members of our community should be able to come out of the shadows and feel secure in their adopted country, many of whom only know America as their home. While I don’t believe anyone has the right to “jump the line” and receive amnesty, I believe DACA kids should be granted immediate and permanent legal status with optional pathways to citizenship such as military service, becoming a first responder, or a teacher just to name a few. In the Navy, we had a very similar program for decades where Filipino’s could enlist and gain citizenship. The result was a win-win as our country gained access to a rich talent pool of patriotic future Americans while thousands of poor Filipinos gained the opportunity to escape poverty and realize the American Dream. I had the privilege of personally working alongside hundreds of these Filipino sailors and it was one of the highlights of my 25-year Naval career to learn their culture and share in their dreams.

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