I believe Dr. Steve Ferrara will be a terrific member of Congress and I wholeheartedly support him.  A veteran and former Chief Medical Officer in the Navy, Steve will bring an important and unique perspective to Congress.  He’ll work to bring commonsense conservative reforms to meet the nation’s challenges and best represent Congressional District 9.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting Steve Ferrara for Congress.

U.S. Senator Jon Kyl

Dr. Steve Ferrara exemplifies conservative principles and will be a champion in Congress for protecting our American values. I know that he will fight for the hardworking families and citizens in Arizona. I am proud to support Dr. Steve Ferrara in his race for CD9.  Now, more than ever, we need him in Washington DC.

Barry Goldwater Jr.

I’m supporting Republican Steve Ferrara for Congress in District 9 because I know he will be a fighter for our conservative values. We can count on Steve Ferrara to be a strong voice for tax relief, healthcare reform and strengthening our national defense. Steve will serve his district and the state of Arizona well. Please join me in supporting Steve Ferrara for Congress.

Councilman Mark Freeman

City of Mesa

I am happy to support Dr. Steve Ferrara in his candidacy for Arizona’s Congressional District 9.  As the Navy’s Chief Medical Officer, and through his work with Veterans, he has proven that he is a true public servant. Dr. Ferrara will bring commonsense conservative solutions to the issues that are important to Arizonans, including health care, the economy and the importance of the military to our national security.

Denny Barney

Maricopa County Supervisor, District 1

Dr. Steve Ferrara is just the person we need to represent Arizona’s CD9. He will bring common sense conservative solutions to Washington DC. I am proud to endorse a candidate with such integrity.

Councilman Kevin Hartke

City of Chandler

Steve Ferrara is the commonsense conservative candidate that will fight to keep big government and DC bureaucrats out of our children’s schools. As a former high school principal, I know how important local control is for our public schools. I am proud to support Steve Ferrara for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District.

Councilman Sam Huang

City of Chandler

There are several ways to get to know a man. One can grow up with someone, know his friends, or watch his service and character. I have had the privilege of getting to know Steve in a rare and unique way—in contesting him, and now joining him to help him in any way I can, and I encourage others to do so as well. I have been honored to get to know Steve as a man of principle, a man of service, a man of decency, and a man of character—and I heartily endorse him as the next Congressman from Arizona’s Congressional District 9. In watching, listening to, and, on several occasions, meeting with him, I am confident our district, our state, and our country will have a tremendous representative in Steve. His background is one not only of care and concern for the most important of things, but of genuine and serious service to our country. The stakes this year are as high as can be. Arizona has an important legacy of freedom to protect and preserve, as important as ever. Steve gets that and not only will protect and preserve it, but build on it.

Seth Leibsohn

National Talk Radio Host and Author

Steve Ferrara will be an excellent representative for us in Congress. Steve leads with conviction and principles. With commonsense conservative Republican values, he will fight for our families and our freedoms. CD9 needs Steve Ferrara in Congress.

Member, Steven Peterson

Mesa Public School Governing Board

I am proud to support Steve Ferrara as our next Congressman from District 9. Steve brings a unique background and understanding of the diverse needs of not only the people in our district, but those across the country.

Helen Purcell

Former County Recorder for Maricopa County of Arizona

As a pro-business conservative, I am supporting Dr. Steve Ferrara because he will be a reliable voice for pro-growth economic policies that will grow the economy in Arizona and across the country. Steve will tackle our biggest problems, from implementing a health care system that works for patients and businesses to improving our woeful Veterans Administration outcomes. Steve’s 25 years in the Navy will be an asset as he navigates the halls of Congress representing Congressional District 9 and all of Arizona.

Steve Chucri

Maricopa County Supervisor, District 2

I’m supporting Steve Ferrara for Congress in District 9 because I know he’ll be a strong vote and a strong voice for national security, growing our economy, and securing our border. As a healthcare provider, I know Dr. Steve Ferrara will help fix our healthcare system, putting patients before politics! Please join me in supporting Steve Ferrara for Congress in Arizona’s District 9.

Regina E. Cobb, DDS

Arizona State Representative, District 5

Dr. Steve Ferrara is a true conservative and is the voice that Congressional District 9 needs to serve as their representative in Washington. We must do all that we can to improve our economy, grow businesses and consumer confidence by reducing the burdensome government regulations. Dr. Steve Ferrara can get the job done in Washington and I am proud to endorse him.

Mayor John Giles

City of Mesa

I am proud to endorse Dr. Steve Ferrara for Congress. He has the courage, conservative values, experience and determination to confront the tough issues facing the district. Steve has exactly the combination of strong and pragmatic leadership, deep relationships, relentless drive and a get-it-done spirit that will benefit Arizona. He is the candidate that will win the CD9 race.

Councilman Chris Glover

City of Mesa

I am pleased to endorse Dr. Steve Ferrara for Congress in District 9. Dr. Steve Ferrara shares our values on lower taxes, limited government, education, healthcare, and jobs. Dr. Ferrara is a proven, effective leader – just the type of person we need in Washington DC.

Vice Mayor Nora Ellen

City of Chandler

Steve’s passion for the community of CD9 and his years of dedicated public service make him the clear choice to represent us in Washington DC. I have no doubt Steve Ferrara is the best choice to champion the concerns of working families in Congress. Steve’s deep roots in Arizona’s 9th Congressional District gives him the credibility to truly inspire and lead.

Steve Yarbrough

Arizona State Senate President, District 17

Dr. Steve Ferrara has dedicated his life to public service as a veteran and physician. Steve will bring common-sense conservative solutions to Washington, DC and get things done for the people of the district, our state and our country. I’m proud to endorse Dr. Steve Ferrara for Congress.

Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp

City of Scottsdale

I am proud to support Steve Ferrara for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District. Steve is putting in the time to listen and engage with the members of our community. His commitment and passion will get things done for the constituents in CD9.

Elaine Miner

Clerk, Mesa Public School Governing Board

Steve Ferrara is a patriot through and through and has dedicated his life to public service.  Steve and his family are the very definition of the American dream and he is the only Republican candidate in CD9 that can win.  I’m supporting Steve Ferrara because he is a conservative and is just the type of leader we need to represent us in Washington, DC.

Jeff Weninger

Arizona State Representative, District 17

As a native Arizonan, military veteran and proud Republican, I am thrilled to support Steve Ferrara for Congress. His leadership, lifetime of public service and dedication to serving our veterans are exactly what is needed in Congress right now. Arizona’s 9th Congressional District would benefit greatly from having Ferrara as their next Congressman.

Joe Dora

Vice Commander, VFW Post 720

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