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Congressional District 9 needs a strong reliable leader we can trust in Congress. Steve Ferrara is the Conservative Republican Candidate for District 9! Please send Steve to Washington by donating today!

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Steve’s Prescriptions

For A Stronger Arizona


As a 25-year Navy Veteran with three deployments – Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, I know what it means to serve our nation in harm’s way. The selfless dedication of our men and women in uniform inspires me each and every day.

Jobs and the Economy

While our economy and consumer confidence has shown improvement over the past year, I believe we can and must do better. I believe it is a moral imperative to reduce the tax burden on our working families and the businesses that employ them.


A high-quality education is the foundation for economic and social success and the best hope for a bright future. Education fuels the engine of innovation, creates entrepreneurs, and trains the workforce of the 21st century. Education is also a fundamentally local issue.


Healthcare is a unique issue affecting all of us each day of our lives. For that reason, it is of paramount importance to every American. I believe that Every American deserves access to high quality, affordable healthcare. Obamacare has made that proposition unachievable.

Immigration & Border

Immigration – legal immigration – is the lifeblood of our country’s past, present, and future.  Our immigration system should first and foremost require enforcement of the laws on the books.  At the same time we must secure our border to stop the drug and human trafficking.

Equality for Women

I have been blessed with outstanding female role models throughout my life. Despite humble origins and with little formal education, my mother showed an indefatigable spirit and instilled me with the belief that anything is possible.

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Mission & Vision

Changes We Need

“As a veteran and a man of action, I’m not interested in politics as usual…I get things done.”

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